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 Wahoo Club Photo Gallery
Wahoo Club- Brunch with Carlos Baerga - April 7, 2018
Wahoo Club- Player of the Year Award Presentation to Francisco Lindor - Saturday January 28, 2017
Wahoo Club Luncheon w/ Josh Tomlin- August 13, 2016
Wahoo Club Luncheon w/ Carlos Baerga- June 18, 2016
Luncheon w/ Special Guest - Trevor Bauer- June 4, 2016
Wahoo Club Dinner w/Tyler Naquin - April 18, 2016
Wahoo Club Luncheon w/Special Guest Josh Cribbs - February 6, 2016
Wahoo Club Brunch-w/Cory Snyder
Wahoo Club Luncheon with Special Guest - Danny Salazar 10-3-15
Wahoo Club Bus Trip to Detroit- June 13, 2015
Wahoo Club Luncheon w/ Carlos Carrasco and Max Alvis- July 11, 2015
Wahoo Club Dinner with Bryan Shaw- June 8, 2015
Kardiac Kids Luncheon w/ San Rutugliano, Greg Pruitt and Don Cockroft- May 16, 2015
Wahoo Club - Dinner w/ Scott Atchison April 13, 2015
Wahoo Club Luncheon with Andre Thornton 3-14-15
Wahoo Club - Salute to the Browns Luncheon with Earnest Byner and Kevin Mack February 14, 2015
Wahoo Club Breakfast with Dennis Martinez and Ted Toles January 24, 2015
Wahoo Club Holiday Party- December 6, 2014- Special Guest- Ellis Burks
Wahoo Club Dinner with Tom Hamilton and Terry Pluto
Wahoo Club Luncheon with Cody Allen- 9-27-14
Ceremonial First Pitch by Wahoo Club Treasurer- John Kastelic
Wahoo Club - Lonnie Chisenhall Luncheon
Wahoo Club - Mike Garcia Award Presentation
Wahoo Club Luncheon with Mike Aviles
Wahoo Club Luncheon with Special Guest- Ray Fosse- May 17, 2014
Wahoo Club - Golden Tomahawk Award Presentation to: Jason Kipnis- May 19, 2014
Wahoo Club Luncheon with George Foster
Wahoo Club Hot Stove Lunch-2014
Wahoo Club Hot Stove Lunch-March 8, 2014
Wahoo Club Luncheon with Special Guests-Kevin Mack and Reggie Langhorne
Wahoo Club Luncheon with Joe Smith-August 24, 2013
Mel Harder Award Presentation to Nick Swisher- 2013
Wahoo Club Luncheon with Mike Aviles
Special Guest Austin Carr
Wahoo Club 2013 Hot Stove Brunch
Wahoo Club 2012 Holiday Party 
Wahoo Club Luncheon with Shin-Soo Choo- August 25th, 2012 
Wahoo Club/ GCBCA- Mike Garcia Award Presentation- August 7, 2012 
Wahoo Club Luncheon with Sandy Alomar- July 21, 2012
Wahoo Club Luncheon with Carlos Baerga- June 2, 2012
Wahoo Club Brunch- Phil Niekro
Wahoo Club- Golden Tomahawk Award Presentation May 5, 2012
Wahoo Club Luncheon with Joe Haden
Luncheon with Michael Brantley - August 13, 2011
Wahoo Club Luncheon w/ Special Guests-
Sharon & Mike Hargrove May 21, 2011
Wahoo Club Luncheon - April 30, 2011 
2011 Holiday Party 
Luncheon w/ Special Guests- Max Alvis and Bert Blyleven
Wahoo Club Mel Harder Award Presentation 2010
Tommy John Luncheon 2010
Hot Stove Luncheon 2010 
Wahoo Club Bus Trip to Chicago 
Luncheon with Mark DeRosa 
Kevin Mack Luncheon
Ben Francisco Luncheon
Mel Harder Award Presentation
Eric Wedge Hot Stove Luncheon
2007 Holiday Party
2007 Hot Stove Event
1960's Indians Reunion Brunch
45 Year Anniversary Party
2006 Wahoo Club Holiday Party

Photo Gallery
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